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Horse Champions Tour

Cheer on a champion horse and understand the importance of horses in Kyrgyz culture.

Kyrgyzstan is a country for horse lovers, and one filled with horse lovers — nowhere is that more evident than in the country’s love for horse racing, which is a beloved national sport. Of the three key stud farms in the country, the South Shore of Lake Issyk-Kul is the only place where you can meet a number of the country’s favorite horseracing champions. Allow Zamirbek, the proud owner, to take you through the entire process of owning and training these thoroughbred trotting horses. Discover another side of Kyrgyz culture when you enter a world that few tourists see — acquaint yourself with the with the Horse Champions of Central Asia.

Tour Highlights

· Learn the secrets of what makes a champion horse.

· Pick your favorite horse and watch it run a mini mock race against competitors. (Fingers-crossed that your horse wins!)

· Feed your favorite horse a tasty snack while we snap a photo for an unbeatable memory.

· Meet the most famous horse in Central Asia, a champion unlike any seen before: Baron.

Additional Information

The relationship between Kyrgyz people and horses dates back millennia, to the nomads using horses to navigate the rugged mountain terrain. It’s safe to say that no animal is as woven into the fabric of Kyrgyz life as the horse. With time, the Kyrgyz came to expand their appreciation for the horse. In addition to nomad games like Kok-Boru, trotting races became popular. Well, that’s an understatement. The Kyrgyz people love this national sport and it’s beyond popular — it’s deeply embedded in the national sentiment. Trotting racing isn’t like the famous horse races you see elsewhere, instead of racing at full speed (a gallop), the horses race a trot.

Not all horses are great trotting racers, but there is one that has exceeded beyond anyone’s expectations. Baron has won numerous races across Central Asia and there’s scarcely a Kyrgyz person alive today who doesn’t know of (and love) this horse. On this tour, you’ll have the rare opportunity to meet Baron, who even scored an impressive victory while still a foal and facing adult horses. More recently, he took the title of Champion of Central Asia during the 2014 World Nomad Games.

You’ll journey just a short distance outside of Bokonbaevo to the Eldiar stud farm. Zamirbek Mukashev opened it 30 years ago and since that time he has received a number of state awards in the field of science and technology. You’ll meet the finest thoroughbreds and learn about the breeding process for making a champion horse (there’s an art to it!). What’s more, you’ll even have a chance to see these beautiful champions race!

You’ll end with light refreshments and the chance to meet the youngest members of the farm — the foals sired by champions, perhaps one of which will go on to oust Baron as the Champion of Central Asia.

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